Power Athlete Radio Episode 313 Sue Falsone

TQBD 73: Former LA Dodgers Head Athletic Trainer and Author, Sue Falsone
April 1, 2019
Facebook Live at NATA2019
June 25, 2019
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Power Athlete Radio Episode 313 Sue Falsone

Excerpt from the Power Athlete website:


Keep a cool head and stay in your lane. Sound advice from a woman who has worked her ass off to earn the distinction of first female head athletic trainer in any of the MLB, NHL, NBA, or NFL institutions. She prides herself on being honest with her recovering athletes and upfront about the table-to-field timeline. When contracts and millions of dollars are on the line, far more goes into the healing process than initially expected. Now the owner and founder of Structure & Function Education [@structureandfunction], guest Sue Falsone [@suefalsone] has utilized her incredible knowledge of biomechanics and her talent for building PT/athlete relationships to reach the masses.

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