Strength and Conditioning for the Sports Therapist$100


This course is designed to give the physical therapist a fundamental understanding of strength and conditioning. Susan Falsone will review basic muscle physiology and energy systems and apply metabolic and structural adaptations to both aerobic and anaerobic exercise training. Multiple demonstrations and lectures will thoroughly explore testing modalities for aerobic capacity, strength, power and agility. The participant will learn how to design and implement physiologically based aerobic and anaerobic training programs.

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Cervical Thoracic Junction DVD$49.00


If your clients suffer from tension in their shoulders and pain in their necks, learn how to start relieving their symptoms by treating the underlying cause. In The Cervical Thoracic Junction: The Missing Link In Relieving Shoulder Tension & Neck Pain Sue Falsone explains this complex area and gives you simple, practical exercises your clients can use to mobilize and restore the cervical thoracic junction. You’ll walk away with a clearer understanding of this important part of the body and be equipped with some powerful tools to start freeing your clients from pain and soreness in their shoulders and necks.

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The Shoulder DVD$49.00


Sue Falsone designed this lecture, The Shoulder: Implications for the Overhead Athlete and Beyond, to help professionals from clinicians to ATCs, and strength coaches or personal trainers to physical therapists and chiropractors. Anyone working with athletes, clients or patients who have movement-based shoulder issues can help ease shoulder aches and pains and help prevent crippling injury.

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Yoga For Strength Audio Lecture$3.95

Sue Falsone, the popular presenter of the Thoracic Spine lecture, spent the past year diving deep into the practice of yoga to discover its value in strength and conditioning and physical therapy. Her reflections will help you discover whether it’s a useful practice for you and your clients.

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The Thoracic Spine Audio Lecture$6.95

Sue Falsone is known among her peers as the go-to gal for T-spine knowledge, and in this lecture, The Thoracic Spine — The Missing Link to Core Stability, we learn how she got that reputation. First we get a brief guide to the spinal structure, and then she goes deeper with a education on how to use t-spine mobility and breathing to encourage core stability. Note: She references images from the pdf in her lecture, and you may want to have that handy the first time through.

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The Cervical Thoracic Junction Audio Lecture$4.95

Sue Falsone, who brought us the Thoracic Spine lecture, returns to look a little higher at the cervical spine. As she’s developing the anatomy knowledge for us, she also encourages us to look below, through the t-spine and into the lumbar region. She describes the anatomy, then tells of a few of her favorite exercises dedicated to the area.

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