My Most Influential Con Ed Courses

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July 2, 2015
July 2, 2015
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My Most Influential Con Ed Courses

Most influential courses you have done for advancing your skill set?

My most favorite courses have been those that I learn something!! I know…you’d expect that from any con ed course, right? So….there really hasn’t been a con ed class I haven’t liked (kind of like wine…hard to find one I don’t like). Continuing education, for me, is not about abandoning everything I have known for a new technique or a new way to exam people. Con ed is about enhancing my own personal practice, however that may be. And that enhancement is different for every person. It depends on where you are in your career, where you are headed, what your interests at that moment are and the tools that you feel you are missing at that time. So, I may feel like a course totally blew me away, and you may think that same course simply blows, because we are different places in learning and different places in our practices.

With all of that said, I DO have some favorite courses I have taken over the years and HIGHLY RECOMMEND them to anyone who asks. Here it goes:

1) Dry Needling- Ok, take it as a shameless plug for my new endeavor if you want. However, dry needling has single handedly changed my practice. You cannot deny the physiological, neurological, and anatomical changes that occur by inserting a filament needle safely into the body. I have seen immediate changes in range of motion, immediate changes in pain, long term changes in both of those, and improved tissue pliability after needling. It simply works. Not for everyone. Nothing works for everyone, right? It is like any technique, some have amazing experiences, others not as much. Every technique is not for every person and every dysfunction, but this is one that more times than not, has been a great help to me and to the athletes I work with. If dry needling is in your practice act, join me at one of my classes. Or better yet, host one, as I am looking for places to host to this year. Check out for more information.

2) Chris and Ann Frederick’s Stretch to Win: I absolutely LOVED this course. First of all, Chris and Ann are hilarious, and make the time spent with them so much fun. Second, they are smart! They talk the talk and walk the walk. They know the anatomy and physiology of fascia and have a technique that is incredibly effective. Not to mention, my athletes love it. Not one complaint, or “I didn’t like that” in several years of use in my world. And I have only taken the level 1 class!! Excited for some free time to take this to the next level and take the rest of their stuff. Check out for information on the technique and classes.

3) Along those same (fascial) lines….the Thomas Myers Fascial Dissection Course: I have been fortunate enough to dissect several cadavers in my education and career. If you have not had the opportunity to do this yet, DO IT! It will give you a whole new appreciation for the body, how everything connects, and why people feel what they feel. The best part about this course is that the cadavers are not embalmed. That means the tissue is fresh, and yes there is more blood, but you can actually move the body and limbs to see what moves where and how it moves in relation to one another. An amazing experience well worth your time and investment. Go to for course information.

4) Anything by IAOM: I have my COMT in the spine through the International Academy of Orthopedic Medicine- US and I have taken all of the extremity courses. Now I have time to take that exam soon! So, this whole process was 12 courses, 3 days each (that is 36 full 8 hour days days of education with this group) plus studying and taking a day long exam for the spine and one for the extremities in the near future. That is ALOT of time and investment and worth EVERY single bit of it! What is the name of my company? Structure and Function! It is about BOTH!!! I was into the functional world for so long, focusing on performance enhancement and movement. Trust me, I love that world and will forever remain in it. But you know what? It DOES matter if the person has a disc or ZAJ issue. It DOES matter if their tendon or bursae is irritated. It changes the beginning portions of my treatment when I am being very diagnosis specific! Anatomy amazes me in every way. And a good working clinical diagnosis is a must. These courses will change your evaluation and your appreciation for selective tissue tensions. If evaluation is not in your practice act, connect with a clinician who can appreciate both ends of the spectrum…structure AND function. Go to for more information.

Ok. This is getting long so I am going to stop. I do have more….so there may need to be a part II to this blog….

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